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Remote Coaching

The training experience is changing. Remote Coaching offers a systematic approach to maintaining quality in session delivery and exercise execution from home without the constraints of Lockdown and Gym Closures.

Movement is medicine...

IFT is a movement-focused approach to health and fitness. We believe that as humans we are built to move in specific patterns. If we lack competency or show severe dysfunction within these basic fundamental movements, then performance is lacking, posture is faulty and pain is often present.

We combine industry leading approaches to movement development to enable efficient, pain-free movement.

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Musculoskeletal Assessment

Why do you struggle to touch your toes or lose balance so easily when standing on one leg? Lets delve deeper and find out.

Remote Programme Design

Using the results of our musculoskeletal assessment and further testing protocols, our programming is designed to restore dysfunctional movement patterns and integration back into performance.

Virtual Training Sessions

Delivery of virtual training sessions ensures you maximise the outcomes from movement interventions.

Training Video Support

Supporting training outside of virtual training sessions, we provide guided videos and resources enabling individualised exercises to be continued in your day-to-day environment


Our Remote Training package aims to develop the education needed to ensure not only is movement restored, but pattern knowledge and awareness is present for future prevention.

Training Insights

Fundamental Movement Performance Training

Movement as a Spectrum of Force Management

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Fundamental Movement Personal Training

Remote Virtual Coaching Assessment

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Fundamental Movement Personal Training

Remote Coaching with IFT

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    Client Feedback

    "He continuously goes above and beyond to support me in understanding, developing and achieving my goals. "

    Sarah Wilkes, 29

    "His expertise and generosity in volunteering with the group has already shown great results and improvements"

    Liz Davies, Cardiff Athletics Coach

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