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Remote Coaching

Elevate your training with remote coaching. Our systematic approach ensures quality sessions and proper exercise execution from the comfort of your own home.

Movement is medicine...

IFT prioritizes movement for optimal health and fitness. Our approach addresses deficiencies in fundamental movements to improve performance, posture, and alleviate pain. Experience our expert blend of industry-leading movement development techniques.

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Musculoskeletal Assessment

Why do you struggle to touch your toes or lose balance so easily when standing on one leg? Lets delve deeper and find out.

Remote Programme Design

Our programming is based on the results of a musculoskeletal assessment and additional testing to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and enhance performance.

Virtual Training Sessions

Maximize the benefits of movement interventions with virtual training sessions delivered to you.

Training Video Support

Enhance your training experience beyond virtual sessions with guided videos and resources for continued individualized exercise in your daily life.


Our Remote Training program focuses on education for not only restoring movement, but also promoting pattern awareness for future injury prevention.

Training Insights

    Client Feedback

    "I didn't understand the importance of movement before working with IFT... Alex is a fantastic S&C coach!"

    Jake Jones, 28

    "He continuously goes above and beyond to support me in understanding, developing and achieving my goals. "

    Sarah Wilkes, 29

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    Take control of your health and fitness. Reach out, share your story, and let us push you to achieve your goals.

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