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Performance Training

Performance, whether sporting or event based, is the pinnacle of our training system. Maximise yours through the IFT training methodology and philosophy.
Screen, Assess, Test, Train, Perform.

We are your solution...

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with postgraduate education in Performance Coaching, top-level performance is at the pinnacle of what IFT stands for. Whether its a return to sport, pre-season conditioning or in-season programming, IFT has the solution to help you reach new heights in your sport performance.

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Initial Consultation

Let's discuss your background, training and injury history, lifestyle, goals and outcomes. From this we develop our plan of action.

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Why do you struggle to Overhead Squat or get into an optimal Deadlift position? Let's delve deeper and find out.

Performance Testing

A personalised testing battery for you the individual; your sport, position and movement patterns.

Application of Technology

Individualisation, data collection and accountability is guaranteed. Polar Heart Rate Monitoring, Watt Bike and MOXY Monitors are just a few of the technologies we incorporate.

Programme Design

Whether distance-based or working One2One, programming is goal specific and outcome based. Clear markers of improvement, ongoing testing and key performance indicators.


This is a multiple-energy system, multi-joint, movement focused approach that addresses quality and quantity for sport-specific transfer.

Training Insights

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Squatting, Hinging, Pelvic Floor and Breathing

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Performance Training Personal Training

Calorie Adjustments in a Fat Loss Phase

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Performance Training Personal Training

Nutrient Timing Recommendations

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    Client Feedback

    "He continuously goes above and beyond to support me in understanding, developing and achieving my goals. "

    Sarah Wilkes, 29

    "His expertise and generosity in volunteering with the group has already shown great results and improvements"

    Liz Davies, Cardiff Athletics Coach

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    If you truly want to make a change in your health and fitness, get in contact, tell us your story and see how we can challenge you to reach your goals.

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