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About Us

Our "Why"...

Information is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

Our libraries benefit from a filtering system for information that’s reliable, valid and suitable for public consumption. Unfortunately, the internet has no such tool. We are at the mercy of those willing, or more often not willing, to put in the time and research to provide this filtration and dispense with best possible guidance and information for our needs as consumers.

Never is this more prominent than the health and fitness industry. The internet is awash with information on how to get “beach body fit” or “lose 20lbs in a day” with this “one secret trick”, playing on the human desire for minimal effort, maximum impact solutions.

Yet in the same way that we don’t seek quick-fix solutions to repairing our cars, building our houses or educating our children, why do we seek such solutions for the single most important resource we each have, our human bodies?…

We all have had experience with the paradox of health, fitness and movement.

Our positive and/or negative health choices have a direct impact on our capacity for movement and fitness. We get caught in a downward spiral of poor nutritional and health choices effecting our bodies capability to maintain joint ranges of motion, tissue quality and movement patterning.

Yet how do we change when our inactivity, health and loss of movement quality become an injury and health risk in itself?

Short term approaches providing rapid “fixes” often require drastic action, whether from a nutritional standpoint or fitness solution. Imagine however, trying to go to 0-60mph as quick as possible in a car with the hand-break still on… somethings going to come unstuck.

IFT is NOT therefore a quick-fix, minimal-effort approach. This is a long-term, maximum impact strategy to your health, fitness and well-being.

At the very centre of what makes IFT a truly unique method are five foundational pillars that shape the training methodology and thought processes that underpin this system.

  • Pain has no place in any fitness solution
  • Screen, Assess and then Test
  • Respect the Neurodevelopmental process
  • Movement quality precedes movement quantity
  • Manage internal load before external load 

If you truly want to be better and subscribe to the values and beliefs that we have at Integrative Fitness Training, get in contact, tell us your story and see how we can challenge you to change.

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Alex Kirkup

The culmination of who I am and what I do today are built from my early experiences of play as a child. I was fortunate enough to be raised in one of the last generations without the excess of technology we see today limiting our physical activity and detrimentally effecting our health.

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Client Feedback

"I approached IFT as I was constantly injured and struggled with asthma while training for the London Marathon. "

Dee Thomas, 48

"He continuously goes above and beyond to support me in understanding, developing and achieving my goals. "

Sarah Wilkes, 29

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If you truly want to make a change in your health and fitness, get in contact, tell us your story and see how we can challenge you to reach your goals.

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